Going back to Hogwarts, Going back to SCHOOOOL

So, that’s decided, I’m going back to school. For a major change (haha, I hope you enjoyed the pun!).

I always thought I was a liberal arts person. I couldn’t exist apart from it. Books, writing, poetry, music, history – they all defined who I was, who I associated with, what I did; how I thought. In high school, I hated anything that didn’t have to do with English or politics. I LOVED English and French, hey, I still love English and French, I just hated the way that it was taught in college. (see: class A is on dead white males, class B is on people that hated dead white males.)

So naturally, when I went to college, I wanted to major in – English. It was a no brainer, both to make the decision and to participate in the studies. My teachers didn’t care at all about teaching, or helping us to create and form our own opinions; they just wanted us to spit out facts from each of our required readings and reiterate their opinions on everything. The problem was, I had already learned to think for myself, and I realized I didn’t need an English degree to prove it to everyone.

So I changed my major. And those of you who’ve read un-Orthodox understand why I don’t need to work in the “academic” Jewish world – I live there.

So I found myself at a crossroads. A rather dramatic one, as I realized that this was a HUGE decision and risk. But I decided.

About two and a half years ago, when I started my journey with Jewish Studies, I had a bit of a nervous breakdown. Because I realized that ultimately, it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a nurse. But more than a nurse. I wanted to be a midwife.

But I didn’t want to start school over (yet). I hadn’t taken a single science class, or math class, and realized that it wouldn’t mean one extra year of school – it would mean two, which I was not interested in doing. So I did some research, and found DONA International – and started thinking about becoming a Doula.

For those who don’t know, a Doula is kind of a combination of a birth coach, spiritual/emotional mentor, and friend. I would help a woman who is in delivery by suggesting different positions, making sure she (and her partner!) is comfortable, and work with the mother to give her the easiest and most fulfilling birth possible. Statistics show that women who utilize the services of a Doula are less likely to require medical intervention, including a cesearean.

So I’m almost done with the certification – and should be totally finished by the end of 2011. Which brings me to the next chapter.

Next week, I’m starting classes again to complete the prerequisites for Nursing School. Because, ultimately, I do want to be a midwife. So, Anatomy and Physiology, here I come.

I’ll be honest. The work that I do at the organization that I work at is important. It matters. The organization I work for matters. A lot – and more than many think that it should. But the work is endless. And there’s no endgame. Sure, it’s rewarding when one out of the 200,000 students we work with chooses to stand up to adversity, but all-in-all, we’re fighting a losing battle.

Having the priviledge to help a woman deliver her child would be the biggest honor. It’s really the most blatant miracle that we have the merit to witness in our world. I mean, come on – we’re only humans. And something that started as a cell, a miniscule cell that only the most powerful technology can see, with an enormous amount of energy inside of it, grew exponentially in nine months, still hidden from the world.

To have the honor to witness that miracle every day? There could be no better blessing.

So, I’m going back to school.

I used to think I was a liberal arts person. Every day, I realize a little more about what it means to be a Person.


5 thoughts on “Going back to Hogwarts, Going back to SCHOOOOL

  1. WORD! Being a person is waaay more complex that I was prepared to acknowledge until recently. The most liberating feeling I’ve experienced lately has been leaving all things familiar to me, moving across the country, and for the first time having the ability to see myself through completely different eyes. Who says we have to be just one type of person anyway? So maybe you still are a liberal arts person who also happens to have the inner strength and passion for midwifery? And making insane chocolate banana cakes? All of the greats that go down in history, the ones we read about in highly over-simplified renditions of their doings were often much more than that one thing that got them in that book to begin with. Let’s be sciency-artsy-authors and musical-psychological-bakers. We are, after all, the children of Our Father 🙂

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