Weather Patterns

I really wish that I was sitting by a lake right now typing on my laptop instead of in my office, closed up on the 24th floor of a building.

Notice I said lake, not beach. I’m not a beachy kind of gal. I much prefer a woodsy waterside, without sand (I HATE sand), with lots of rocks and preferably, a quiet dock that I can sit on. With a book, or a notebook, or nothing at all.

One of my favorite memories comes from a weekend aside a beautiful body of water like the one I described — it wasn’t a lake, but a bay in Maryland, and my best friend took me down there for the weekend. Her mom, mom’s friend, my friend, and me loaded up the car and trekked all the way down to the Maryland bay (after one episode of car-sickness). We stayed in a beautiful lakeside cottage and spent all weekend antique-ing and next to the water. The sun didn’t come out once; we ate roasted chicken and garlic as we watched movies next to the floor-to-ceiling window panels; and we went swimming in the bay on a cloudy afternoon.

I just breathe better when I’m near fresh water.

Most days, I don’t even get to venture outside. But today, I couldn’t resist the sunshine (and I couldn’t put off my need to return a dress to Macy’s any longer!) so I decided to go outside.

It really feels like March, doesn’t it? It’s really insane to think that this time last year I was slipping and sliding down city streets in boots not equipt enough for icy conditions. And the year before that, the whole closed just a few weeks ago due to the biggest snow-storm to hit Philly in almost 15 years.  Jonathan and I were stuck in my house with no cable, no internet, and just enough heat to stay warm. We walked to the corner store to get six-packs of beer and my roommate made a snow angel in the middle of the street.

Tomorrow is groundhog day – a funny tradition, when you think about it. A groundhog sees his shadow, and the winter lasts an extra six weeks. The groundhog doesn’t see his shadow, and spring comes early. Except where there’s shadows, there’s sun. And the groundhog doesn’t even know what a shadow looks like.

When the weather patterns, we make memories. Sunny days like today remind me of Spring, of a promise for more.

I just never thought I’d see that promise February 1st.

p.s. If the groundhog sees his shadow tomorrow, it’s going to be a bad year for Punxsutawney Phil!


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