A Clue at What’s New

Oh! In case you didn’t know, my exciting news may have to do with this.

Keep davening for me :-)!

And, just as a plus, I thought I’d include this:


3 thoughts on “A Clue at What’s New

  1. Carly, you and your husband are both Orthodox Jews – and you are a ‘recovering writer?’ You wouldn’t believe how much this interests me. I am trying to put together an inter-faith forum on homophilosophicus. We are short on women contributors (and you’re a woman), and we do not as yet have a Jewish contributor (and you’re Jewish). Now do you see why I am interested?

    Please, please, come and take a peek at what we are doing (http://homophilosophicus.wordpress.com/introduction/) and have a look at the calibre of the other contributors (http://homophilosophicus.wordpress.com/contributors/). If this is a little project would would at all be interested in – please (there’s that ‘please’ again) do drop me a line: homophilosophicus.wordpress@gmail.com
    Jason Michael

    • Can you email me with more details? I need to think about it and also better understand your motivations. What are your objectives for this project? What do you hope to accomplish? I have read through the materials on your site and I need more info.

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