Wireless in Israel!!

Hi Everyone!!

I’m so excited to give you an update — we FINALLY set up our internet today, so I can share with you all of the highs and lows of the past two weeks since we arrived in Israel. When we got there, we took a shirut (a shuttle-bus) to Jerusalem where our friends were waiting at our apartment to give us our key and meet for some fun before they went back to America and we got settled.

That’s where the trouble started. We walked into our apartment, which was filthy. The refrigerator still had old food and plasticware in it, there was some meat-juices frozen to the freezer (see below), and there was dust and grime everywhere. We walked in, told each other (and ourselves!!) that we could possibly make it work, and walked RIGHT back out to get some dinner. After dinner, we went to the supermarket to buy rags, bleach, and other cleaning supplies and got to work.

This is the freezer. It’s painful to look at. No, really, don’t look at it. Scroll down, please.

There were other things wrong with the apartment too: broken closets, broken sinks and faucets, and just all-around poor construction. Oh — and it was infested with ants. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the ants, but here are a few others to give you an idea of just HOW broken it was:

The floors and the walls didn’t meet. So we had ants. Lots of ANTS.

Broken closet — when we moved in, the door was hanging off one one hinge — we took it off so it wouldn’t fall and break even more.

Our broken faucet — the water sprayed EVERYWHERE when we turned it on, and it was missing a knob for the hot water. The bathroom sink was missing the knob for the cold water, so I guess at least it was a LITTLE balanced?

One other thing — our apartment was in the basement of a building, so one room was at ground level, and the other was just below it. We had some great windows that let in a lot of light for a basement apartment — but we had to always keep them closed. Why? Because the neighbor upstairs decided she wanted to make a camp for the neighborhood children in her backyard, where our windows were facing. It was a HUGE surprise the first morning when we woke up to a bunch of children saying, “BOKER TOV!” and “SHALOM!” through our windows.

Needless to say, this apartment was NOT what we envisioned when we wanted to moved to Israel for the year. We spent three days cleaning and living there, and then came Shabbos — when we decided that we HAD to move.

So we said “SHALOM” to that apartment and moved into a piece of paradise.

No, really. Our new apartment has an incredible kitchen, two bedrooms (we are using one for a living/dining room), and the best part? A HUGE BACKYARD. In a major city. In fact, my husband is mowing it right now. Want proof?

Jonathan saying “HI!”

We are SO happy here, even though it’s a work in progress. We still need some bookshelves, a sofa, a fridge, and a washing machine, but it’s really starting to feel like home. I mean, who wouldn’t feel at home getting to look at this every day?

The view

We have a vinyard! And the grapes are SO sweet!

I have much more to update on: my classes, life in Israel, food (like always), and more. Can’t wait to share with everyone!