About Me

Carly is a recovering writer who grew up a stone’s throw from Philadelphia, went to college in Philadelphia, and then settled down there with her husband. Continually learning and re-finding her passion with words, Carly decided to try blogging again after suffering from an acute case of writers block for almost three years.

Carly and her husband, who are both orthodox Jews, understand that balance is a very vital part of living. They do everything with passion and emuna (faith), giving them a unique perspective of the world, and allowing inspiration to sneak in almost anywhere. This year, they are living abroad in Israel, where they are both attending Seminary and Yeshiva. They live in a villa (in a basement) where they have an incredible view of the mountains of Jerusalem in a small neighborhood of the city called Har Nof.

Years ago, Carly equated writing to an addiction, but one that healed and mended rather than hurt and damaged. As her life continues to change and more and more adventures are had, Carly wants to allow the conversationalist inside her head an outlet via keyboard.

While in Israel, Carly hopes to use her blog to keep in touch with all of her friends and family outside of Israel, to share experiences, stories, pictures, and lots of learning with everyone who’s interested. Want to hear more about her journey? Make sure to subscribe on the right side of the page — you can receive an email once a new entry is published.

Our worldview these days.


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