Gearing up for the Big Move

Sorry for the blogging hiatus — things have been fairly quiet here so I haven’t had anything exciting to update you all about, but next week we are finally moving into our wonderfully humongous, beautiful, large apartment! I am so excited to have a kitchen with a real stove and oven, a washing machine inside the house instead of outside of it, and best of all, to finally unpack all of our suitcases!

Because we’re in such a small apartment now and we haven’t really unpacked any of our stuff from when we first moved here, we’re not in such a hurry to pack, but it will all get done next week.

In other news, Jonathan got a job working for a catering company for Pesach, which he’s starting on Sunday. That means I’m going to be pretty much on my own for the move, but we have lots of friends and students that are going to help us out along the way. We need to get some furnishings, which we’re working on (I think we found a sofa but I haven’t heard back yet), and I’m hoping we’ll be able to make an extra-large and in charge dining room table to host 20+ people. That would be a dream come true!

Anyway, that’s pretty much all that’s new over here. I’ll keep you updated as we move and send pictures of the new apartment as we make it feel like home :-).